Saving Indian Breeds

Saving Indian Breeds
Saving Indian Breeds

Saving one animal will not change the world, but by saving that animal you would give a chance for its breed to bounce back


Yes the Indian cow’s milk is healthy, nutritious and many more advantages can be stacked on to prove that our breed is more superior to the western counterparts and therefore we have to save them. The internet is full of slides, documents and research materials supporting this.

When you go back to read what is written, its strikes back to show us how materialistic we are. It goes to show that the only reason we would like to save an Indian breed or any breed for that matter is because it is useful to us in many ways. So what if it wasnt useful, looks like we would have let them fade away, like we have already done to many of our species. If such judgement scale was used against each one of us, am sure we would have to be sentenced to death. We would like to save the breed simply because they have as much right to live on this planet as we have, our life style and our ignorance have pushed most of them towards extinction and we would like to give them a helping hand or a stage to prove themselves to the world and earn a spot to survive along with us.

Vanapa is home to 60 cattle from 3 different breeds. We are not completely proud of this. if a small survey was taken to find the number of Indian cattle that exist today and find how many household own them, it would be a shocking number to find that very few people own the overall population. This is like saying all the money in the world belongs to a very small section of people, that’s dominance.

The only way an Indian breed can be saved is when a lot of Farmers/households/individuals care of them. They should be spread across regions and villages and households.

The Plan

Its clear that the growing awareness of the goodness of Indian Cow Milk and her products have created a new market. However this market seems to be controlled by a wealthy few and a farmer in a village does not have the means or facility to promote himself and thus he gives up on owning an Indian Cattle.

The plan is to sell/give healthy Indian cows to the farmers and buy back milk or milk products from the farmer at a premium price and we would on behalf of the farmer sell his produce for him. This would take away the risk/burden from the farmer of not being able to sell or to run around looking for consumers (who usually take advantage of his helpless situation).

Currently most farmers (In Tamilnadu) own western cows and they produce 15 liters of milk on average per day, and they sell this milk to govt/private milk companies who pay them about Rs.24/- per liter. We already have a couple of farmers who have Indian cows and we buy the milk from them for Rs.55/- per liter. Considering that Indian cows can give on average 8-15 liters of milk per day, the farmer is now in an advantageous position. The milk thus acquired is sold at Rs.65/- per liter to the nearby city and to the surrounding areas. The transportation and labour cost is covered in the Rs.10/- additional that we charge the consumer.

Farmers Calculations/Benefits

Western Cow Milk : 15 Liters x Rs 24 = Rs 360/- per day

Indian Cow Milk : 10 Liters x RS 55 = Rs 550/- per day

The farmer not only makes more money consistently on a daily basis, but he also gets healthy milk for his family and better manure for his farm, which in turns gives better harvest. Its a cascading effect and a bigger impact will be seen with more farmers moving into this.

The Current Problem & Its Solution

The current problem is that the Indian cattle are so few that to buy them is not easy and they come at a steep cost which the farmer is not able to afford.

The solution is to be able to collect enough funds to buy Indian breed of cattle and make it available to the farmer at the same cost he would buy a western cow or even at a cheaper price, we could also give them away for no cost to farmers who cannot afford to buy them provided they are able to care for them and maintain the quality of what feed. This way more and more farmers will come forward to have Indian breeds and this would work good for everyone. the consumer gets healthy products, the farmer is at an advantage and more importantly the breed bounces back from being wiped out, and the manure will help the farmers grow healthy food. Its a chain of goodness.

We will be happy to welcome anyone who wants to be a part of this initiative.



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