Our Writings

Waking up to the sounds of nature and to the tunes of her creations, we begin to feel and sense her mighty yet gentle presence around us, within us. The day goes by working with her.

At times the thoughts gush in, we talk about our mind, we discuss everything about nature and around them but rarely we document them, this page is just to let our creative juices flow into the web space, there might be no logic nor would it create any magic, but we just throw our scrambled lines here

Clean Humans

We cleaned the forests and made them a perfect piece of flat land,with them we cleaned the animals too, we then gave few of them a new clean home and called it a zoo.

We cleaned the rivers and streams of their plants and beds,with them the swimming beauties we cleaned too.

We cleaned the mountains too, they now make our clean and colorfully painted walls. With that we cleared the view to see the far away sun, the mountains had always hidden that view.

There is more cleaning to be done, I am a human, my job is to clean everything and everyone on my way, I will leave back a clean world, am not done yet.

My act is on, the world my stage, the stage is small, am seeking a new stage. The Moon, the Mars the others, am coming there, I will play my act there too.

I have a bigger audience, to watch what i clean. Some helplessly watch the pace at which i clean day after day, many others mutely watch as all that is left are their bleeding souls

I am a human, my job is to clean the world, Every day i make tools to help me clean this world faster, I have the largest volunteers to help me clean.

– Pi