Community & School Library

Community & School Library
Community & School Library

We at Vanapa have collectively believed that the ability to read not just liberates the person but also enables the person to shape the path of his/her life. While the ability to read is one thing, the access to materials to read is another. As of now, we have concentrated our energy towards making the materials available.

Local School Library

Our Initial thought was to setup a small Library in a nearby school to begin with and then go on adding a range of books to this library.

The school as given us a small room in which we will be setting up the library, we will start small and continue to add more materials, Currently we are working on setting up a manual library management procedure in place to be able to track the movement of books. The students will take turns to manage their library. This Local school library will be up and running in a the next few weeks.

Community Library

we have noticed that there are a lot of kids who have dropped out of schools & universities for various reasons. We wanted them to have access to the reading materials, initially we thought we could have them use the school library and we could stock books relevant to them aswell, however there are a lot of complications in having the general public coming into the school for the purpose of reading and so we had to drop that idea.

We then decided to setup another Library, A Community Library also called as Public Library.This Library will be accessible by the general public. While the location was a challenge, we figured that we could setup the library in one the farmers house and people can come over in the evenings to read or to borrow books. Surprisingly it was a lot easier to set this library due to the enthusiasm and support from the local farmers and their children. This community library would not just have books but also magazines and journals.

Sourcing Books

The last two months we have been working with our friends and collegues to spread the message across and now we have been able to collect a good number of books thru them.

We have also purchase of a lot of new books

Apart from this we are also looking to subscribe various monthly magazines/jouranals and daily newspapers.

Both these libraries will be managed by Vanapa with the help of the locals. The community library will be open to all, and every community member can access the collection without any charge.

In the long run we hope that the community libraries will encourage early literacy, quiet study environment and work areas for locals.

Be a part of this Project

If you are willing to be a part of this project, please do drop us an email and we can discuss further on how you can contribute or participate.