Farm Info

Climate - Rainfall

Vanapa is located in Arangapuram(village) in Dharmapuri(district) which is in Tamilnadu(state) in the South of India.

General Weather

Its generally tropical and is fairly hot except during monsoon season. The climate here ranges from dry sub-humid to semi arid. The local farmers here are heavily dependent on the monsoon rains and otherwise its almost drought. This is why its important to have our ponds and swales in place to retain the rainwater and recharge the groundwater and reduce the duration of the drought period.
The Hot weather is untill the mid of June, however May is considered as the hottest month of the year, you might want to avoid visiting us between April and May if you are not used to extreme hot weather. The temperature can range from 24C to 36C. December is the coldest month of the year and the temperature can range between 18C to 29C with the average being 23.5C.


Mean annual rainfall : 860mm
Periods of rainfall

    • Advancing monsoon period, South West Monsoon : June to September, with strong southwest winds (375mm)
    • North East monsoon : October to December, with dominant northeast winds (287mm)
  • The local farmers inform us that we can expect heavy showers for few days in between March and April called as the ‘Paruva Mazhai’. (40mm)