Team Vanapa is backed with years of experience helping setup farms across various countries.  Thanks to Geoff Lawton, Brain Newhouse, Ben and Troy Johnson who in their PDC have guided us with their knowledge and helped us connect with nature in a way we never before did. More than anything its the love for the nature that helps us understand, design, implement and maintain the piece of land in a such a way that the entire ecosystem can eventually co exist.

The struggle to make any kind of farming/Dairy/forestry etc economically viable is because we have concentrated all our resources to work against the nature. This led to global warming, soil degradation and erosion, loss of forests, pollution, expansion of deserts, decrease in food nutrition, to name a few. We surely can turn this around, there are solutions in place.

We offer consultancy service backed up by design, full implementation and maintenance for small to big projects like

The following services are available as a complete design system or as individual elements on their own.

Overall Permaculture Consultancy

Initial Work

We begin with a site visit and surveying your land, which will lead to us providing you with a brief assessment along with recommendations and suggestions based on our assessment. This will also include a soil test.

We can then proceed to provide you with our initial sketch and a basic plan of what we intend to do and what you can expect from your land.


This is where we work with the physical implementation of work on the ground, usually the Earthworks implementation (Survey and supervision of earthmoving operators)

Energy Requirement

Assessment of energy requirements and the options available will be discussed here.We will be able to setup Wind,Soalr or Hybrid systems as per your convenience

If the project includes cattles, we can also setup a Biogas unit which can provide enough gas for our day to day cooking requirement.

Structural Service

Designing your structure requirement including suggestions to ideal/strategic locations for the structures like Nursery/Cottage/Nursery/Shed/etc within the site. We also will be providing you with materials that can be used design these structures, we usually enjoy working with locally available materials.

Plants and Trees

We will be sourcing native seeds and and plants for the initial nursery. If the setup requires a Food Forest, we will then source the required saplings.

Animal Selection

If you wish to have cattle in your site, we will be able to identify,select and transport healthy Indian breed of cattle like Gir, Sahiwal, Kankrej, Hallikar, Ongole etc

Not just with Cattle, we can also help you with other farm animals.

Other Services

  • Food Forest Design
  • Indegenous Forest Design
  • Setting up a Kitchen Garden
  • Setting up a Terrace Garden
  • Natural Buildings
  • Setting up Nurseries
  • Rain Water Conservation
  • Designing Natural Retaining & Recharging Ponds
  • Design of Swales & Soak Pits