Lets for once plant trees, only by thinking from ‘rebuilding nature’ point of view rather than asking ‘what is in it for me’


Afforetation Vs Reforestation

Afforestation is the process of planting trees, or sowing seeds, in a barren land devoid of any trees to create a new forest. Reforestation is the process of specifically planting native trees into a forest that has decreasing numbers of trees.

While reforestation is increasing the number of trees of an existing forest, afforestation is the creation of a ‘new’ forest.

What are we upto?

Remember the bike ride you went on a few years back, the beautiful sunset that you stopped to watch at a distance, the calmness of the evening birds returning home, the trees the bushes …. they are all long gone. The sunset is hidden behind those tall apartments, the trees and bushes have given way to commercial mass production of crops and the birds have flown into the distant horizon in search of nature. October 2014 when we moved into our tiny 4.25 acer land, there stood very few trees and bushes and considering that we were tucked deep inside a village the nature seemed to be the we are used to seeing nature, calm and beautiful. Not faraway was a tiny hill overlooking the distant satyamangalam,Germalam and few other forests.

In a span of few months a stretch of 200 acers were acquired by a real estate agency and were flattened into plots to build villas.

At this rate we will be left with only concrete jungles and we are well aware of the consequences of this.

Our Forest

80% of our 4.25 acer property is now slowly regenerating into an indigenous forest. We were very particular about planting indigenous trees, these tress need less water and care, and can thrive under extreme conditions too. The other main reason which is largely ignored even by few nature enthusiasts is that we don’t need just about any tree, our ecology or our animal kingdom, the insects,birds and reptiles survived feeding on and around the indigenous forest, this is their home, the only way we will be able to bring them back is by bringing their home back. My granny would rather starve than to eat a burger or pizza, the same applies to our species, they need the trees and the plants and the fauna they lived on to make a come back, we are working towards that.

Whats the Plan Now

We are looking at acquiring/buying newer pieces of property and then afforest/reforest them. We initially felt why not just do what we can in the 4.25 acers we have, gradually we realized that it needs much more than what we are doing to protect our eco-system. Vanapa is made of 3 families and we have stretched beyond our financial and physical might. The piece of land that is available to sold is soon bought by a wealthy business man and in no time converted into apartments or into mass commercial production units. We have to come together to be able to make a bigger difference. If many hands can join together, we will surely be able to save if not at least reduce the rate at which the nature is being wiped out.

Lets give a better chance for the nature to reestablish herself. Lets be a part of this nature.


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