About us

Vanapa was formed in late 2014, rather the name was picked in 2014. Vanapa means ‘forest protector’, we all liked the name for what it means, the name also reminds us that its our(rather everyones) responsibility to protect our nature. We owe it to the nature.  Vanapa currently has 9 immediate members, 6 passionate adults and 3 adorable kids(all below 6)Until few years back this team had not know eachother, infact the first time the whole team of vanapa met each other in person was in June 2014, a little after Vanapa was formed.

Five of us are into IT while one is perusing Photography, which actually means that we don’t really have any prior farming background. We have spent more time inside air-conditioned glass buildings looking at computer screens while we write codes and check emails for an unseen unknown person somewhere in some corner of the world. This is almost a routine. It is during these coffee breaks or during lunch and through emails that we began talking about what we really would like to do. Fore sure our past generation was into farming, and we do remember the early part of our childhood when we visited our native which had large areas of green, there was water everywhere, the ponds and the rivers and the trees, the cattle, the dogs, the birds they were all our extended family, but in our village(far away). The thought of our village/native place reminds us of the smell of soil, the shivers of the early morning breeze, the singing of the birds, the mooing of the cows and the long walk we use to take along the fields just to be in the moment. Ate from the plants and trees what we could, watch the water flow into the fields and to even watch the birds bathe in that water was a sight that none of us can forget. We wanted to live in ‘the moment’ every single day of our life.

We also discussed in length about how the quality of food we eat is gone down, infact we realize that its not the quality that is gone down but the food we eat is infact the cause of all the increasing health problems from young ones to the elderly. The craze of using shortcuts (chemical fertilizers)to growing food faster and in large quantity as lead to this, while the very shortcuts are killing not just the farmers(needs a bigger discussion) but also the soil and along with it our ecosystem. At Vanapa we like to grow food the natural way (more on this in our blog) and set an example to the farmers around that it is possible to grow food naturally and also make a living out of it. Vanapa intends to set an example and be a learning spot for natural farmer to be (we ourselves are natural farmer to be).

Sustainable living is what we like to move towards, we understand and agree that complete sustainable living in the modern world is close to impossible, but we would like to gradually move towards a higher degree of sustainability, things like using natural resources (solar,wind) for energy requirement, rain water harvesting for water requirement and to recharge our ground water and water storage means like ponds and swales are part of this. All easy to talk we know, we are prepared to walk the talk, we are prepared to learn from our mistakes.